• "I don't like goind to the dentist, but the staff and dentist are so nice that it makes it so much better. Wait time are short and the staff is very friendly. Dr. Aghakhani is very nice and helps me feel at ease. I would recommend this dentist to a friend if asked for a referral."
  • "Dr. and the staff are all the best. They carry a professional manner yet friendly and not patronizing. They are down to earth and seem to make you feel at ease. The Dr. is great and over the years, I have always been completely satisfied with the work he has done. The new dental hygienist is awesome and is a great addition to the staff. The staff is the best of the best of the best."
  • "THE BEST AND NICEST DENTIST IN THE WORLD. I am so happy with this dentist. He always has a smile on his face and describes every step before he does the job on your teeth."
  • "Always a pleasure. I spent a short time with several staff members including Dr. Aghakhani. I have always had (including this visit) has a pleasant experience. Thank you all for such a nice experience with a dentist. May god continue to bless you for the services you provide."
  • "Happy with dentist. Have been goind to them for many years and always makes me feel like they truly care."
  • "Will not go to any other dentist. GREAT!!! Best dentist I have every been to...."
  • "Very comforting staff. Make me feel like it is all goind to be OK!!! Staff always makes me feel comfortable, they are all very friendly. This office reminds me of a family run business because laid back, but still professional. I can't believe I am actually sayint it but I now ENJOY going to the dentist!!"
  • "Very happy with this dentist! I was scare and in a lot of pain. They held my hand through it all. I went through a lot with an infected tooth. Dr. Aghakhani did not only take time on a SATURDAY afternoon to get me started on medication, but he was also very patient with me through the procedure. In our first appointment I got scared and could not go through with the procedure. He took the time to talk me down. We rescheduled and with great patientce on the docto's part we got thru it. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone especiallyif you are afraid. Oh, also the entire staff was equally compassionate. They really all made it OK. Thanks 1800 Dentist for a wonderful recommendation."
  • "Great patient care."
  • "Had a fun time cleaning."
  • "Great experience! Dr. Aghakhani and his staff were very kind and professional. They even called to check up on me and see hos I was doing. WONDERFUL DENTIST."
  • "Love this dentist and his staff !! I had a very pleasant visit."
  • "Excellent dentist and hygienist. This was a regular cleaning and check up but as always, everything went as nicely as one could wish. Everyone in Dr. Aghakhani's office is very professional, completely competent, friendly, helpful and efficient. I highly recommend this dentist."
  • "My favorite dentist. They make you feel at home."
  • "So happy with Dr. Aghakhani."
  • "So glad I found this office. Can't say enough good things. Such great customer service, every member of the team is awesome. Thanks. !!"
  • "Painless. Painless recovery. Dr. Aghakhani has great skills."
  • "Very satisfied."
  • "Great as usual. Had a great cleaning, as usual, at this office!"
  • "Very happy with dentist and staff. Best dentist and staff in Simi Valley."
  • "Great dentist! Very thourough and informative cleaning."
  • "The staff is very friendly. The office is clean and the dentist is gentle. The hygienist is very informative."
  • "Getting my teeth cleaned is enjoyable. You have a great staff and I feel I want to send my friends and family to your office."
  • "On time and cheerful with good work habits."
    Richard S.
  • "I had the best experience at Dr. Aghakhani's dental office. The staff were very friendly, informative and thorough from the dental assistants, the hygienist to Dr. Aghakhani. The work was superb with no pain. The front office staff were very professional and expedited my insurance issues completely and satisfactorily. I highly recommend this dentist. You will not only smile from the work but from the experience as well."
    Neil P.
  • "Great fun. I forgot I was at the dentist. It was like an E-ticket ride. Can't wait until my next visit."
  • "I do not feel there is anything that needs improvement. Amy greets me with a caring voice and smile. Amanda makes me feel like I am being held and cared for the whole time any work is being done, and Dr. A you are amazing and you truely know what you are doing and you also make me feel like I am cared for. I thank you all very MUCH!!!! My smile is beautiful because of you!"
  • "The office staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. I always feel welcome when I come in and I feel that really care about me. I know that is hard to achieve because I have had experience in customer service over the years."
  • "Excellent staff. Excellent customer service. Would not go anywhere else!"
  • "The dental hygenist is so clear with detail. Very professional atmosphere. Love the office staff. Miss the fish tank though :)"
  • "The office staff is very friendly. We really love the fact that you remember our names."
  • "Great staff that gives patient care and comfort to all that enter. The office is very welcoming and soothing atmosphere that makes the patient forget that they are at dentist office, which is something I don't see very often. Truly, a wonderful experience going to the dentist."
  • "All of the staff treats you like a friend. They are patient and detailed(in easy to understand terms) with answers. They always have fresh treats at the door."
  • "Dear people at Dr. Aghakhani's office. Thank you for always accommodating me with my appointments and your excellent work."
    Susan C.
  • "Your staff has been fantastic every time I have been there. I have found your staff to be the best I have ever encountered in a dental office. I am greatful."
    Danielle M.
  • "Amy, Kim, Kalyn and Dr. Aghakhani are all exceptional! Excellent and professional service with smile; what more could you ask for! My teeth have never looked better!!!"
  • "Everyone is very friendly."
  • "Very efficient and friendly office and staff. I recommend your dental office and you to all my friends and family. Keep up the great work."
    Rodney G.
  • "Amy always greets me with a smile. She is a gracious and charming woman."
  • "Awesome as always!"
  • "I have found the Dr. and staff that I will continue to have for my dental needs. Dr. Aghakhani and the staff are wonderful, gentle, and make you feel as if you are part of their team. I was so affraid of the dentist and now I look forward to going."
  • "We are so happy that we found you and your staff! This is the best dental office we have ever been treated at. Amy, Kim, Kalyn, Amanda and Dr. Aghakhani are all wonderful. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and efficient-best experience ever!!!!!!"
  • "Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! This is for the staff, The Dr. and the office. My teeth and myself are well taken care of. Thank you for fixing my teeth. Dr. Aghakhani is truly a miracle worker!"
    Wendy L.
  • "Excellent, efficient, customer driven staff. I enjoy going!"
  • "Very friendly atmosphere, thanks."
    Kees D.
  • "The doctor and staff were great."
    Robin P.
  • "Well shoot, I think you folks do a bangup job. Very personable staff, and professionalism at a level that keeps me plenty satisfied. I very much appreciate the cell text reminders I get, as well as via email. I appreciate everyones concern for my perceived anticipation of pain with shots, and the extra mile ya'll go to keep it painless every time. Yay! I think it's cool that the Doc can and will chuckle and smile a bit when the situation warrants it. The girls up front are fun to interact with. Ya'll know how painful it can be to work with some of the walking dead that inhabit some front desks. One does not usually depart a dentists office with a smile, but the girls make it happen. Plenty cool. Hygenist girl is cool. Has really tiny hands which is cool too. Does good work as far as I can tell. View out the south windows is awesome. The warm sun makes me wanna sleep, and I don't normally wanna to sleep in a dentist's office."
    Russ A.
  • "Please get the really cool movie glasses fixed in case I might get to use them again. Sound from the left earbud has gone south. I thought it was plenty cool that the waiting room was fixed up for x-mas and although the wait is never long out front, that toasty cracklin' fire really felt great. The only cookies i've ever taken a pass on though, were in your waiting area. Once cannot eat a cookie just before goind in and opening wide for the Doc. Then one doesn't want to eat that evil ol cookie on the way out after just having invested time and money into these swell lookin' pearly whites. No doubt Santa took care of the ones I dindn't take. Keep doin' as yer doin'. Carry on."
    Russ A.
  • "Excellent dentist, excellent staff. Very nice and friendly. The office is extremely clean."
  • "Friendly atmosphere and my DH loves the cookies! I do miss the candles."
    Carole V.
  • "Clean, bright, friendly, helpful."
  • "Courtesy calls, follow up and politeness."
  • "Very competent, painless, helpful and professional."
  • "Everyone is very friendly."
  • "The knowledge and friendly service of your staff."
  • "Everyone is quite nice and makes me feel comfortable"
  • "I would like to say that I have found every single person that works ther to be friendly and helpful. I have been to many Dentist offices over the last few years, and you all are number one in my book!"
    Danielle M.
  • "Everything was great."
    Jerome S.
  • "Your staff is top notch, helpful, informative, and genuinely happy. You have a great team Doctor! ;)"
    Lee M.
  • "Doctor and specially staffs are so respectful and polite to patients. They really do an excellent job on teeth."
  • "Great staff. Like the detailed explanation of dental work done and making patient feel at ease."
    Kees D.
  • "Professional without being too stuffy, great staff, excellent dental care."
  • "Friendly, skilled, knowledgable, helpful and delightful."
  • "Front office staff is upbeat and energetic. They seem knowledgable and accomadating. Make patients feel welcome.
    Hygienist is also outstanding. Patient, warm, informative and excellent at her skills."
  • "The girls in the office are really nice and try really hard to make sure your needs are met. The hygienist is really good. Kalyn makes sure I am comfortable and is good at her job."
  • "I really appreciated the follow-up phone call that I received from your staff the day after my procedure, to make sure that I was feeling Ok."
  • "Great staff. The person cleaning my teeth is excellent."
    R. Homokay
  • "Caring attitude."
    Jim M.
  • "The doctor seems to be very upto date on what he is doing and makes you feel at ease. I'm already referring others to him."
  • "Hi, my name is Kevin H.. I have been seen by many dentist before, Dr. Aghakhani is the best and the office staff are very professional. Thank you so much for excellent service and I recommend you to all my friends and family. Thanks and wish you all the best."
  • "The staff is wonderful. I feel I am getting the best dental care possible."
    Kees D.
  • "The Doctor does not keep you waiting in the chair while working on another person for two hours like my other dentist did, plus he is very good."
    Carmen O.
  • "Fantastic service. Awesome staff. These people are friendly, knowledgable and care about what they do. I would highly recommend them to everyone!"
  • "Your staff are knowledgeable, efficient and extremely friendly. They all have excellent customer service skills!"
  • "No pain, very happy with the job done."
  • "Office is neat and clean. Staff is friendly and courteous."